Sunday, October 20, 2013

Souris Manitoba and the swinging bridge.

This morning we went to Souris Manitoba to see the swinging bridge I vaguely remember for the 1960’s.

Souris is an old town. This building is established 1865.

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The Souris Swinging Bridge

Built in 1904 by the late Squire Sowden as a convenience to allow him access to his property across the river. The swinging bridge over the Souris River has become the centre of Souris over the years. The thousands of visitors who have trod the springy boards to cross the river have become Souris “Citizens” in fact, if onto in name and those who live here welcome each new visitor and each returning friend to again experience the sensation of walking our bridge. Damaged by a cable break in 1961 and swept away by the floods of 1976, the swinging bridge remains Souris’ most famous landmark for today… bridging the river for nearly a century and remaining to do the same for the next 100 years.


Yes that is snow.


this is what is left of the 1976 bridge that I probably walked in the middle 60’s.


Then off for an afternoon snooze.


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