Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Joliet Illinois and 1st day on Route 66

Today we went to downtown Joliet to look at the various attractions of route 66 in Joliet.

First a few picks of the campgrounds (rain is in the forecast).


Joliet over the years has been known as the city of spires (100’s of churches), city of stone (huge Limestone quarry) and the city of steel.

The Des Plaine River runs through this city and the water of this river ends up in the Mississippi River. There are lots of lift bridges near downtown.



The Ruby Street Bridge (route 66)


In the 1840’s a canal 6 feet deep was built to connect the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes. Joliet is one of the ports from the canal to river boats for this trade. Very little of this original canal survives as the canal has been widened and moved many times over the years.


Our 1st stop for  Route 66 is:1-DSC_0010

The Route 66 Part


Then the museum for Joliet


Then a walk of downtown.


Then a visit to the grand theater called the ‘Rialto’.


This is just the promenade to the theater, but as far as we could get in today.



Then we visited the Joliet Central High School which was built in 1901 in a Gothic Flavor. Restoration work on the 42 exterior doors is well on its way.


Then off to Rich and Creamy for some ice cream.


Dicks Towing has a display on the original route 66


The rain is starting to fall hard so off to home. Tomorrow is to be rainy all day so possibly a down day.

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