Monday, February 28, 2011

Body World Exhibit in Phoenix

Today Teri and I invited Bob and Lori for a trip to Phoenix to see the Body World Exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

I was NOT allowed to take photos so these are from their website:

body onebody7,0body8,0

It was incredible, shocking and gory all at the same time. We all where glad we went.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hike Club–Packsaddle Loop

Today I went on the Hike Club north-east of Scottsdale.

Some Photos:


Lunch break


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apache Trail with a side trip “Dolly” on Canyon Lake

Apache Trail map

The Apache Trail, or AZ 88 as it is officially known, links Apache Junction at the edge of the Greater Phoenix area with Globe via Theodore Roosevelt Lake, through the Superstition Mountains and the Tonto National Forest; 40 miles of steep, winding and mostly unpaved road past magnificent scenery of twisted igneous mountains with dense forests of saguaro and ferocactus, and several deep blue lakes.PICT0041

An Old sign on highway 88.P2238839


The Apache Trail



P2238887The “Dolly” on Canyon Lake.P2238219

Some of the views on the Dolly at Canyon Lake.

The end of the Apache Trail is at Roosevelt Dam.


All the lakes are a result of dams on the Salt River as it comes down the Superstition Mountains.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Palm Creek RV Resort Quilt Club Show

There is a large quilt club in the park. This is an example of some of the displays.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Hike Club–Saguaro Lake Hike

Today I went with the Hike Club on the Saguaro Lake Hike. Part of the many dams on the Salt River.

Map picture

Map picture

We went for a hike on the north side of Saguaro Lake.

Some of the photos:

Our Group


Lunch Break




Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doves Nesting

After repeated flushing out the start of a dove nest on the main slide of the motorhome(under the awning). The doves have started a nest at a more appropriate area.

This is the palm tree to the right of our motorhome.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trip to Superior Az. and Roosevelt Dam

Today we did the tourist drive to Roosevelt Dam Via Tonto National Monument.

Map picture

We First stopped in Superior Az., an old mining townP2168709PICT0001

Then we went through a tunnel to this:


Then off to Tonto National Monument(Cliff Dwellings)PICT0013

The Lower Cliff Dwellings



The long climb up the trail.

This next photo I took on the way up. Roosevelt Lake is in the background. This photo won the weekly competition at the Photo Club.


Roosevelt Bridge


Roosevelt Dam


The day was ending so we went straight back to Casa Grande.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Trip to Canyon Lake

Today we left early for a trip up to Canyon Lake.

First Stop

Palm Creek Rv Park to the Dairy Barn

Just outside Casa Grande there are many dairy barns. We stopped at a small dairy north and east of Casa Grande about 5 miles.

As a side note if the wind blows a barnyard smell is around Palm Creek RV Park. Those on the dark side (non pet section) blame this on the dogs.



Second Stop

We stopped at the Lost Dutchman Mine Museum near the Lost Dutchman State Park.

Diary Barn to Superior

There was live music and an outdoor craft fair going on the Museum grounds and lots of people.

A wall of Treasure Maps


The Peralta Stone Maps

The stories of their discovery and what they represent are as many and as varied as the legends of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, itself. The two most popular versions are that the maps were discovered, and dug up, by Travis Tumlinson in 1949, on a small hill above the Fish Creek Bridge.

Another story is that they are stolen by two Mexican nationals from the basement of a church in Arispa, Mexico, and taken to Texas where they were sold to Travis Tumlinson who brought them to Arizona. Tumlinson believed they showed a route to the Peralta mines or treasure troves, in the Superstition Mountains.


Navajo Rug Loom


Live Music


Cactus Garden at the Museum



Off to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats

We are on the Apache Trail up from the Lost Dutchman Mine Museum to Tortilla Flats.

Map picture

Weavers Needle


Vista on the way to Canyon Lake



Canyon Lake



The dam responsible for Canyon Lake





We ran out of time and had to turn around and go home.