Saturday, May 5, 2007

2007May05 grandparenting

Hi I am Shaylene. What I did today is :

First we went to buy flowers.

Go for a quad ride, then go for a scooter ride,got a battery ,planted flowers, watched 'erogon'.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feb. 6th, 2007 Off to Cuba

Tomorrow we are off to Cuba. We leave Saskatoon at 7:35 tomorrow to Toronto and leave Toronto at 6:30 AM on Thursday Feb. 8th, for Cuba. The resort is called 'Paradisus Varadero' in Varadero, Cuba. We will return very late on Feb. 15th. Expect lot of photos near the end of the month.

I found a photo of the resort on the Internet so I posted this poor photo.

We had a grandchildren sleep over on Friday Night. This was the first time for Shelby and she did great. Shaylene decided to come to work with me on Saturday afternoon and did a very good job apprenticing in the pharmacy. Saturday night we had the parents over for supper and they took the grandchildren home

This picture is of Shelby trying to ride poor old Jenna.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Jan. 29, 30,31 and Feb 1,2007 The Long Trip Home

On Jan. 29th we left Needles, California for home. We got up early and arrived at Las Vegas at about 10AM and breezed through without any delays. We had lunch at Mesquite, Nevada at about 1 PM and said goodbye to the warm weather and the palm trees. It was 60 degrees and sunshine. After lunch we made ready for a long marathon run up Utah, all 400 miles of it. The roads are excellent so we kept going and going until about 11PM. We stopped at a casino on the Fort Hall Indian Reserve just past Pocatello, Idaho and asked permission to camp. The temperature was just a little below freezing. I started the generator and started the furnace and put on the electric space heater. Within an hour the trailer was at 70 F. We both had a good night sleep.
On Jan. 30th we left Fort Hall at about 8AM after having the last breakfast in the trailer. We had about 100 miles left in Idaho then up 394 miles of Montana. We had great roads until Great Falls, Montana. We traveled on ice or ice and wet until Shelby, Montana, then the cross wind started to become a factor. We crossed the border into Canada just after 6 PM and had to stop. The truck and 5th wheel could not stay on the road. We found a room at Milk River, Alberta at about 7 PM and called it a night.
On Jan. 31st we left Milk River at 9 PM for home. We left late to allow the salt trucks to fix the highway. We drove on ice and salted ice for about a half an hour and the roads changed to dry and we arrived near Calgary near noon. Then driving through Calgary the snow started and by the time we reached the north end of Calgary the roads are wet and starting to ice. We kept on driving and driving. The cross wind got stronger and stronger. Just before Red Deer we had the 4 way flashers on, doing 55 km/hr and having real trouble keeping the truck and 5th wheel on the road. The wind was pushing us off the very icy roads. We stopped at Red Deer at 3:30 PM exhausted.
On Feb. 1 we left Red Deer at 10 AM giving the road crews time to fix the roads. The temperature was -17 C. , the sun is shining and the wind is low. We travelled at 60-80km/hr. on the icy roads then we started down highway 16 past Edmonton. The roads became dry and clear of snow and we made good time all the way to St.Walburg.
Teri counted 14 semi's in the ditch, 1 5th wheel in the ditch and hundreds of vehicle in the ditch, upside down, sideways and mainly upright. The last vehicle in the ditch was an hour west of Lloydminster.
We arrived in St.Walburg at 5:30 PM. The trailer was unloaded, the truck and trailer washed and unhooked at 8 PM. We are home just 1 day late.
On Thursday Feb. 8th we leave for Cuba for one week.
PS. Sorry there are no pictures, I had 2 hands on the wheel and Teri had her hands embedded in the seat.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jan. 28th Evening with the Imhoffs

Tonight we went over to the Imhoffs about 2 miles away from us. Just a few photos of the Imhoffs and of the view at night from there deck overlooking the Colorado River.
Grandma and Grandpa want to know if Shaylene wants a sleepover at our house on Friday Night??????????????????

Jan. 28th Last Day In the Valley

Last day in paradise before the long trip home. Today we went to the tourist trap of Oatman Arizona. We walked up and down the 1930’s main street, watched the noon time gun fight and Teri feed the burrows. Then we continued up the historic route US 66 past all the old gold mines and the 15 mph switch backs. We had lunch at the pass (3,700 feet above see level) then we stopped at a reconstructed gas station on the other side of the pass. There we watched to lady running the gift shop feed the roadrunners. We made it back to the trailer at 3pm and went to the pool. Teri had a snooze and I made supper.
Tomorrow is Salt Lake City, Tuesday is Montana and Wednesday is St.Walburg.

Jan. 26-27 Quartsite to Needles.

On Jan. 26th I toured Quartsite and Teri stayed with Jenna at the campsite. I did buy a few items, a watering system for the batteries, a cover for the generator and wood for the fire tonight. Tomorrow off to Needles.
Had lunch in Needles, Ca. at the Needles RV and Marina Park that is right beside the Needles Community Golf Course. This is a beautiful campground with a heated pool, marina and three beeches on the Colorado River. The water in the Colorado River is very low. The motor home beside us has a trailer that holds his Envoy, speed boat and Harley Davidson Motorcycle. In the evening we had Burt and Phyllis visit in the evening.

Jan. 24-25 Quartsite, Az.

The chuck-wagon supper and entertainment on the Jan. 23rd evening was excellent. The music was cowboy and of excellent quality. The comedy was corny but well performed. The lady of the group for one number came dressed as an old man and did a RV skit and song. Teri and I both enjoyed the performance.

On Jan. 24th we are on the road to Quartsite, Az. for the RV show. We camped at milepost 112 about a ¼ of a mile on the east side of highway 95 north of Quartsite. There are RV of every description and age out here just anywhere and everywhere. The $400,000 motor homes are parked beside very old 12’ trailers. We had our first campfire tonight in the desert. The daytime temperature in the 70’s and the evening in the 40-50’s with little wind.

Today Jan. 25th we started the day with the ‘Main Event’ which is the biggest garage sale you have ever seen. We had used classic tractors, to rocks, to hides, to socks, to used anything.
At about noon we went to the big white tent for the RV Show. If it was made to be used in a RV someone would sell you it. We spent all day in this area and spent $4.23 at Camping World for a seat belt comfort strap for Teri. Cooked steak for supper and Teri was in bed before 9pm. I had a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jan. 23rd, 2007 Lazy Day in the Palm Springs Valley

Today is a slow day at the park. This morning we went for groceries. This afternoon I secured the TV with new straps with adhesive and screws. This TV will not move during travel this time. Then off to the hot pools.
Today the winds are low and the temperature is in the low 70’s (22C.).
Tonight we have supper tickets for ‘Roy Black and Flying J Ranch Wranglers’ for supper and entertainment.
Tomorrow we are off to Quartsite for the RV show and the Gem Show for a few days. I may not be able to update the blog for a few days.

Jan. 22/2007 Joshua Tree National Park

Early this morning we ate breakfast and made lunch so we could go to Joshua Tree National Park. The photos today are all of Joshua Tree Park. The weather was windy and clear, with the temperature reaching only 46 F. The Photos are of:
Cholla Cactus
Rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park
Teri, Terry and Jenna at a campground.
The two panoramic views at Keys Views in Joshua National Park of the Salton Sea to Palm Springs in the valley floor.
Joshua Trees and Rocks in the park.
Rock Climbers in the park.
Skull Rock
Yucca Flowers
I finally got warm!!!!
We went through the valley from the south to the north and exited the park at Joshua Tree the city. On the way home we got the oil changed on the truck. Then off to the pools and then supper. The temperature is in the mid 60's down here in the valley.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan. 19,20,and 21 in Palm Springs

On Friday we had a very quiet morning, then the pool, then supper and entertainment at the park. We had a chicken dinner with a Disney Cruise Line entertainer Lee Fugal. Lee is a classical pianist and a ragtime honky tonk and dixie jazz player. He also did some weird things with trumpets and home made instruments. The finally was playing 3 trumpets at the same time.

On Saturday, we had a beautiful day, very little wind and mid 70's and sunshine. We walked around the park and did the hot pools. I also went for a round of golf. For supper barbecued steak at the trailer.

On Sunday, we went to the College of the Desert Street Fair. There was over 340 booths set up with everything from socks, to jewelery, to furniture, to food court. Spent some money and the the park pool and barbecued steak at the trailer.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Jan. 18th, 2007 Shopping, Shopping and Shopping

Today was windy again, so we went to the 'Desert Hills Premium Outlets'. There is 160 or more fashion, shoes, housewares, gifts, food courts and boutiques. Teri spent some time and money in Coldwater Creek and OshKosh B'Gosh and I spent money at Bose and Rockport. Had lunch at one of the food courts, then off for groceries and home.
We had a lazy afternoon, then in the evening went to a street festival called "VillageFest" held every Thursday evening at downtown Palm Springs. There was about 200 booths and entertainers on about 8 closed off streets in downtown Palm Springs.I forgot my camera in the truck so no photos, sorry.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jan. 17th, 2006 Opening Day of the Bob Hope Classic

Today, Teri stayed home at the trailer and I went to the ‘Bob Hope Chrysler Classic’ PGA Pro-Am Golf Tournament. It was Wednesday opening rounds for the Classic, opening at 4 golf courses. I went to the Bermuda Dunes Country Club to watch the celebrity pairings. I spent most of the day following one group around the golf course. The group I picked was PGA Pro, Jesper Parnevik, celebrity amateurs, Alice Cooper the rock star, Scott Hamilton the figure skater, and Taylor Hicks the 2006 American Ideal winner.
The PGA pro put on an excellent show, he ended up with 3 under par, but that could have been much more if he putted better.
Alice Cooper did very well and completed most of the holes, which means they were going to use his score. I think they use the best two golfers’ scores for the team score. This includes the Pro’s score. But, the pro pays the Black tee box and the amateurs use the Blue tee box.
Scott Hamilton even though he is only 5 feet tall could drive the ball almost as far as anyone else. He contributed to lots of the holes.
Scott Hamilton could drive the ball almost as far as the pro, at least 300 yards. But, his short game was not good. He did contribute to some holes.
No one made any amazing puts but I did see one of the pros hole the ball from a sand bunker.
When I got home Teri had supper ready.
No pictures today, not allowed.

Great day

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan. 16th, 2007 Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

This morning we went to the ‘Palm Springs Arial Tramway’. On the way we saw the windmill farm that is in the valley. The tramway starts at 2,700 feet above sea level and stops at 8,500 feet above sea level, in the snow. I went up the tramway, Teri stayed below.
In the afternoon we went to the pools at our RV Park after Teri’s nap.
Pork chops on the barbeque for supper.