Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jan. 22/2007 Joshua Tree National Park

Early this morning we ate breakfast and made lunch so we could go to Joshua Tree National Park. The photos today are all of Joshua Tree Park. The weather was windy and clear, with the temperature reaching only 46 F. The Photos are of:
Cholla Cactus
Rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park
Teri, Terry and Jenna at a campground.
The two panoramic views at Keys Views in Joshua National Park of the Salton Sea to Palm Springs in the valley floor.
Joshua Trees and Rocks in the park.
Rock Climbers in the park.
Skull Rock
Yucca Flowers
I finally got warm!!!!
We went through the valley from the south to the north and exited the park at Joshua Tree the city. On the way home we got the oil changed on the truck. Then off to the pools and then supper. The temperature is in the mid 60's down here in the valley.

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