Monday, October 21, 2013

Road Trip to Morden, Manitoba

Today we drove to Morden. On the way we saw 100’s of electrical windmills. This was at an altitude of 1700 feet above sea level. Morden is down at 800 feet above sea level.

2-blow up-210005

We stopped at the little lake on the west side of town and found a huge empty campground with the electricity still on.

1-blow up-210014

So we put the slide-outs out, but one of the slide-out awnings decided not to come out. BAD. The awning pulled out of the slide out and was just laying on top of the slide.

the damage on both sides.

3-blow up-210009

I have straighten the medal and the slide works fine. The awning is in the dumpster.

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