Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Day in Moose Jaw and the Tunnels

First the fluid leak, I went to an RV shop and was told I needed a new radiator. BAD and $65.00.

Then I went to a rad shop and he was not sure if it was the radiator but his pressure tester was lost in the shop. BAD but FREE. He also phoned around but all the radiator shops are busy. BAD. But he suggested a large shop that may help.

Off I went to Golden West Trailer Sales and Rentals service department. I talked to Greg the service manager and he put me in the shop within 5 minutes. GOOD! Then we went on the tour of the tunnels of Moose Jaw. While waiting for the tour (actually two tours) Greg calls and tells us that it is a 1/4 inch side line off the radiator has a pin hole and can easily be fixed. WONDERBAR!!!!!


The waiting room, history in photos is the only place photos are allowed.


The first tour followed a Chinese coolie in the 1880’s working in the laundry below ground in Moose Jaw. Through the actors we got to know how a Chinese immigrant to Canada would contract himself into virtual slavery for 3 to 5 years for the passage over to Canada. Then, experience the extreme racism against Asians.  Great tour with lots of the actual laundry and tunnels.

The second tour was all about Al Capone. We had two great actors talk about the illegal alcohol trade. Al Capone has a Moose Jaw connection as the Sue Line came to this Canadian town. The acting was great, but the tunnels did not really show as well.

Then the wonderful news, the motorhome is fixed!!!! Just 2 and 1/2 hours of labour and  about 60 dollars of green fluid and parts the motorhome will drive again. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Day!


Some of the sites around Main Street.

Then Blue shows his true nature, HE IS A BUTT KISSER!


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