Monday, October 29, 2012

Trip to Cannon Beach

First Blue and I started the day with a walk to the river side of Nehalem Bay State park for the morning walk and a view of the Bay and Nehalem River.


Still raining we take a trip to Cannon Beach. ( 5th day of rain)

Views on the way.


Cannon Beach photos.


We walked the main street at Cannon Beach for a few hours then had a seafood lunch at a local café.

How Cannon Beach got its name:

In 1846, a cannon from the US Navy schooner Shark washed ashore just north of Arch Cape, a few miles to the south of the community. The schooner hit land while attempting to cross the Columbia Bar, also known as the "Graveyard of the Pacific." The cannon, rediscovered in 1898, eventually inspired a name change for the growing community. In 1922, Elk Creek was redubbed Cannon Beach (after the name of the beach that extends south of Ecola creek for eight miles, ending at Arch Cape) at the insistence of the Post Office Department because the name was frequently confused with Eola. Elk Creek itself was renamed Ecola Creek to honor William Clark's original name.[8]

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