Saturday, October 27, 2012

Columbia River Maritime Museum

This morning we are off to the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria.

From Wikipedia:

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is a museum of maritime history located about ten miles (16 km) from the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon

The museum's 40th anniversary and a $6 million remodeling and expansion project were celebrated May 11, 2002. The renovation increased exhibit space to 44,200 square feet (4,110 m2) and now houses interactive historical exhibits and museum acquisitions. Visitors may experience what it is like to pilot a tugboat, participate in a Coast Guard rescue on the Columbia River Bar, and live in Astoria during the height of salmon fishing. Huge windows make the Columbia River a living backdrop for exhibits that are interactive and touchable, many accompanied by interviews with people involved in the events depicted.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum collects and exhibits maritime artifacts from the Columbia River and the Pacific Northwest. The Museum’s all-donation collection exceeds 30,000 objects, 20,000 photographs, and a 10,000-volume research library

The museum started off with all the shipwrecks at the mouth of the Columbia.




Then displays of the boats that fished the Columbia River.


The traditional Native log canoe.


Coast Guard ships.



The steamboat era.


From the museum’s view of the river.


A 70 hp Marine engine.


Many examples of scrimshaw.


This is a great museum, very well done!!!!

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