Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fort Davis, Tx and the McDonald Observatory.

Today we drove from Sturdy Butte, Tx to Fort Davis, Tx, a total of 103 miles.


We set up camp at Fort Davis then off we went to the McDonald Observatory.


We bought a Daytime and a Star Party Pass.

The Daytime Pass is great tour stating with an interactive presentation that includes telescope views of sunspots and flares. We find out the sun is in a very stable cycle for the next few years. Then off to a guided tour of the 12 foot mirror telescope. Great tour.


The Star Party Pass is an evening program that started at 9 PM. We started the party with a presentation in the open air amphitheater. The presentation was very well done. Then we got a chance to look at telescopes setup all around the amphitheater. We saw Saturn through a 22 inch telescope, nebulas in Orion’s belt through a 18 inch telescope and on and on. There was 18 telescopes set up this evening.

More photos:

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