Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Bend National Park, Texas again

On the 15th of March we again went into Big Bend National Park. We started off with a drive to the Chisos Basin in the middle for the Chisos mountains. The Chisos mountains tallest peak is 7, 600 feet above sea level and the pass to get there get over 5,000 feet up.

This photo is looking west down to the campground.P3150263

Then we went onto the Rio Grande Village and Boquillas canyon. On the way we stopped for lunch under the cottonwoods at Dugout Wells.


On the way to the Canyon we took the turnoff to the Hot Springs. That is the Rio Grande River with Mexico on the other side.


The rock walls by the hot springs are full of flowers.


We finally made it to the visitor Center at Rio Grande Village and we are greeted by a roadrunner


Then off the Boquillas Canyon. P3150345

By this spot just to the left the kids young and old are sand sliding down the canyon.


The Rio Grande River at Boquillas Canyon is at 1,850 feet above sea level.  Here is the rest of the photos:

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