Friday, April 27, 2012

Thel Celebrates 50 Years in Pharmacy.

Back in March 1985 I bought a drug store in St.Walburg, Sask. I bought this store from Thelma. Thelma remained in the community of St.Walburg and continues to work 1 day a week for the store I bought in 1985.

I owned this store until winter of 2008 and it provided for Teri and I very well over the years. Thanks Thel for giving me the opportunity to own my own store.

Today we went to Saskatoon to help Thel celebrate her 50 years as a practicing pharmacist.

Group photo of all the 50 year pharmacy grads. Thel is siting and is the second person from the left side.


Thel with her 1962 pharmacy tankard at the presentation supper. Howie, a retired Apo Pharm drug representative, is supplying the bunny ears.


Thel at the reception talking to her class mates.


One of the 50 year grads wearing the college colours, purple and gold. This is a 1962 college of pharmacy jacket.




Thel, receiving her honours from the presidents for the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists and the Pharmacists Association of Saskatchewan.


Thel’s graduation photo is to the right of the 2 of 1962.


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