Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fix Steps, Get Packed, and Sophie’s 2nd Birthday Party

Today is a busy day. We are leaving for Phoenix tomorrow on the way north. The automatic steps on the motorhome only sometimes work right. Two weeks ago we got the diagnosis of a bad control board on the steps. Today the part is replaced and the steps work perfectly.

We are heading north tomorrow, but on the way we will be stopping at Massey Diesel for a repair on our Spartan Chassis. The problem is the air suspension does not air up properly. I have to extend the rear jacks to air up the suspension. Tomorrow we will be fixed.

We are invited to Diane and Randall’s dog, Sophie, second birthday party. Randall saw 2 puppy Chihuahuas running around a very busy intersection just north of our RV park in the late fall of 2010. One of the puppies did not live, but Randall was able to rescue the other puppy. Diane and Randall named this dog Sophie.

This was a great pot luck birthday complete with home made ice-cream.  Six dogs are invited along with their guardians.

Flat Stanley got to come the this party and got his photo taken with Sophie and Marilyn.


Blue and Flat Stanley at the party.


More Blue Pics.


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