Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monument Hill Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites.

Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites is a historic state park located at 29.888° -96.876°, just off U.S. Route 77, south of La Grange, Texas. The park sits on a sandstone bluff above theColorado River. Monument Hill is a crypt and memorial to the men who died in the Dawson Massacre and the Black Bean Death Lottery of the failed Mier Expedition.

The Kreische Brewery site commemorates the contribution European immigrants made in Texas, specifically German immigrant, stonemason and brewer Heinrich Kreische, whose house and brewery ruins are in the park. The Kreische Brewery and house were listed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 16, 1975.


Dawson Massacre Monument.


Kreische Family Home


The Kreische Brewery Advertising Flag


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