Monday, January 2, 2012

Drive around Indian Point then a show “Tim Hadley as Hank Williams”

We checked into ABC Campground in Branson Mo last night and things have changed drastically. There are only 1 or 2 paying customers, the office is closed and so are the washrooms. But, the internet works and the rates have dropped to 20 dollars per night,

We took a drive to Indian Point to see the lake. This is an extremely popular area. But the swimming beach is a concrete slab.P1020095

Also, the entertainment industry in Branson shuts down in January, February and starts up again in March. So we had very limited choices. We picked all the choices we could and went to a time share presentation to get them for 49 dollars. We spent the noon being shown a very nice timeshare with a high high pressure sales pitch. We declined.


Tonight we saw Hank Williams AKA Tim Hadley in a small 300 seat theater. This was a great show. We both enjoyed the excellent singing, band and history on Hank Williams.

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