Monday, October 24, 2011

Boehnen Memorial Museum

We visited this museum this afternoon.

From their website

‘The Boehnen Memorial Museum and gift shop was constructed in 1983. It contains a reconstructed life-sized lodge and many displays relating to village itself. The lodges are typical of the approximately 70 of these 20-foot by 40-foot lodges that have been buried over the centuries. Other exhibits describe the extensive trade networks, pottery, tools, and spearpoints. There is a bison exhibit and a model of how the village might have looked 1,000 years ago. We have a 15 minute video in our media room that will introduce visitors to the Village and the history of the inhabitants who lived here so long ago. Guided tours through the museum, grounds and Archeodome are always available by request’.



Thomsen Center Archeodome

The Thomsen Center Archeodome covers the open archaeology dig in the prehistoric Indian village and provides visitors year-round access. The 10,000 square-foot building encloses two full lodges on its exposed earthen floor. It includes a full laboratory, darkroom, computer classroom, and video conferencing studio. The site is the only preserved protected archaeological site open to the public in the state of South Dakota. The Archeodome provides an enclosed archaeological teaching and research facility—one of very few such facilities in North America.


A traditional Buffalo Boat ( made from 1 buffalo hide)


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