Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buffalo Bill in Oakley, Kansas

We stopped at the Buffalo Bill bronze in Oakley, Kansas. This is where the legend started.

Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Kill Statue

This magnificent sculpture of Buffalo Bill about to bring down a buffalo is on Hwy. 83 and 2nd Ave. It was created by sculptor and painter Charlie Norton. In 1868, William F. Cody -- "Buffalo Bill" -- was making his living as a contract buffalo hunter, feeding the crews laying tracks for the Kansas Pacific Railroad. At the same time, William Comstock, also known as "Buffalo Bill," made his living as a contract buffalo hunter feeding the soldiers at Fort Wallace.

To determine the real "Buffalo Bill," a contest was held west of Oakley. Bill Cody brought down 69 buffalo and Bill Comstock brought down 46 buffalo. From that day forward, the legend of William F."Buffalo Bill" Cody was born. [Joe Boulter, 10/28/2006]


We are in Kansas!!! ( Downtown Oakley to be exact)


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