Friday, October 22, 2010

Great Falls, Montana to Idaho Falls, Idaho

To day was a highway I-15 day.

Map picture


Views near Great Falls.


Rest stop


View of Missouri River at this rest stop.


Same view.


North of Butte, Montana is a sculpture.

“Our Lady of the Rockies Statue (elevation over 8,000 feet) on top of the Continental Divde overlooks a series of mountain ranges and valleys traveled by early day Indians and Explorers Lewis and Clark, followed by pioneers that homesteaded cattle ranches and miners who dug the rich ores---”

At this overlook I noticed an oil leak, so we had a 3 hour stop in Butte, Montana getting the dip stick tube fixed.


We entered Idaho in the dark. Teri did a great job of catching an image of the Idaho sign in the headlights.

We camped at Camp Wal-Mart in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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