Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calgary to Great Falls, Montana

Today we got anouther leisurely start at 10:40 AM for our trip southward. We Took Hwy 22 to Hwy 2 to get south of Calgary. Then we crossed the boarder at Carway, Alberta and drove by the entrance to glacier National Park. The town at St.Mary is a ghost town. All the stores, motels, restaurants and gas stations are closed and boarded up for the season. (missed the photo opp.) This area is a very slow driving with 20mpg curves and no real strait areas. Then off down Hwy 89 to camp Wal-Mart at Great Falls, Montana.

Map picture

Lunch near Fort MacLeod, Alberta


Blackfoot sculpture on the US side of the boarder.



Made of salvage metal.


Typical views of the Rockies.

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  1. 30 kph and no real straight areas, please you are Canadians.