Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cedar Key Museum State Park Fl

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This afternoon we went for a drive to Cedar Key and visited the museum / state park.



Over 3 tons of iron were used to make each of these cannons which could fire a 24 pound ball one mile. This cannon may have defended nearby Seahorse Key during the civil war.


Confederate Salt Kettle

In the days before refrigeration, pork beef and fish were packed in salt to prevent spoiling during shipment and storage. Salt was produced by boiling sea water in kettles like this. As the water boiled away, salt was left. This kettle is one of 60 that produced 150 bushels of salt a day at the cedar key confederate salt works which was destroyed by a union raiding part in October 1862.


a restored 1930’s house.


This house is very well appointed for the period in time.

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