Friday, October 16, 2009

Nappanee Indiana at the Newmar factory.

On the 16th we had an appointment at the Newmar factory. The unfortunate part is most of the staff are Amish and want to start at 6 AM so they can do the 3 PM milking back on their farm.

Camp Newmar with an Amish horse and cart on the 15th.


The land and some work horses near Nappanee


Newmar got the egress window in the bedroom fixed. The window’s crank does now work. We can open and most importantly close this window. No other service center wanted to touch this project but newmar fixed this with a new part in less than on hour.

Then off to Focal Wood Products to get the new door fronts that I ordered installed. Carlyle Lehman an Amish artisan who was trained at Newmar owns this business. It was very interesting to work with Carlyle. His religion doses not allow a telephone on his farm so 2 or 3 Amish business got together and  built there own phone building with an answering machine. Business is done by customers leaving a message and Carlyle phones you back after work at 4 pm.

His work is as good if not better than the original newmar doors.


The new doors have exactly the same hardware and look exactly like the other doors.



  1. you would never know those doors were not original. Nice.

  2. The scenery is just like what you would see in a movie. It looks like you picked the perfect time to travel east with all the beautiful fall colors. Here the leaves were green, then they froze on the trees now they have all fallen off. No nice colors this year.