Monday, October 19, 2009

Camping in Washington, DC and the Subway.

The closest campground to Washington, DC is Cherry Hill Park in College Park, Maryland. This is an expensive but beautiful campground with 2 swimming pools, cafe Laundromat and most importantly a bus stop in the entrance to the park.

Our campsite.


The bus stop in the campground.


Our bus to the Metro or subway.


Our granddaughter, Shelby was asking why we were eating to much when we went on the bus. So, Shelby this is the other kind of subway:

Above ground subway at the end of the bus ride.


The inside of a subway car.


The subway cars in a subway station underground in downtown Washington, DC.


There is no parking in the capital area of Washington, DC so the subway is the easiest way for transportation. The bus ride is 15 minutes and the subway ride is 45 to 60 minutes depending on the connections.

And Shelby, I hope this explains what is the other kind of subway.

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  1. thanks for clearing up the subway issue. countdown is on and everyone is excited. we think we would like to plan a night at medieval times orlando while we are there. we all might need a break from disney by then.