Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009 off to Farmington New Mexico

Today we went to Farmington, New Mexico. We stayed at a very interesting little campground that specialized in model trains as well as a campground. The model trains are outside and is an impressive display but I especially liked the exit sign with the following checklist:

From 20090421 Mom and Pops in Farmington New Mexico
From 20090421 Mom and Pops in Farmington New Mexico

Aztec Ruins

Later on this same day we went to the Aztec National Monument near Farmington, NM.

“Over two centuries ancestral Pueblo people at Aztec carefully planned and built a settlement that included an array of large public architecture and smaller structures, earthworks, and ceremonial buildings. Aztec’s extended community rivaled Chaco Canyon, 55 miles south, where a network of structures took shape and flourished between 850 and 1130. Aztec’s first inhabitants were strongly influenced by Chaco in architecture, Ceramics and ceremonial life. At first Aztec may have been an outlier of Chaco, an ancillary place that supported Chaco activities. Or it may have been a center in its own right as Chaco’s regional influence waned after 1100. The population at Aztec ebbed at times but persisted through cycles of drought and cultural changes. Even after several generations, the final layout of the community adhered to a master plan set out by the initial builders in the late 1000’s. The people left during the late 1200’s leaving behind well preserved structures and artifacts that tell of their lives in this region, Today many indigenous peoples of the Southwest are their descendants, maintaining strong cultural and spiritual ties to this site.”

For more information go to: www.nps.gov/azru

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