Monday, April 20, 2009

Off to ‘The Rally’ at Albuquerque

We are off to the Affinity Group rally called ‘The Rally’ for Thursday the 16th to Monday the 20th. We find out that we are one of 2,600 rigs with 8,000 people in attendance. There are venders of all descriptions, RV manufacturers with all their new products and Lot and Lots of seminars on any subject you could imagine. ( Example: the health benefits of chocolate to Fire and Life Safety, Training for RVers) I went to as many seminars as I could and Teri went shopping. She liked the new Mountain Air.(about a half million).




In the evening they had entertainment in a 5,000 set tent.

  • Thursday was LaLa and the Hubcaps. They put on a good 50’s-60’s show but were just OK.
  • Friday was Neil Sedaka. This was by far the best show of the weekend. Sedaka was very professional with a wonderful band. Great mix of audio-visual with life performance.
  • Saturday was Rita Coolidge. Teri did not like this performance as Rita has changed her stile to a slow blues. She does NOT sound like her original early recordings
  • Sunday was The Osmonds. Three of the older Osmonds preformed an excellent show.
  • Monday was Papa Doo Run Run. This group recorded with the Beach Boys and on there own in the late 50’s early 60’s. This show was also excellent.

Teri enjoyed the rally but had 3 complains:

  1. The rally was at ‘Expo New Mexico’ but the evening entertainment and the camping was at the ‘Balloon Fiesta Park’.
  2. The bus service between the two places was poor. Teri spent 2 hours of Friday waiting to get back to Fiesta Park. I left 1 1/2 hours later and waited 3 hours.
  3. There was not enough food service at the fair grounds  and none at the Balloon Park.

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