Friday, January 23, 2009

The Alamo then “the River Walk”

Today we got up early and went to the Alamo here in San Antonio, Texas.

For a little history on the Alamo:

The San Antonio de Padua mission was selected in 1724. It was named in honor of Saint Anthony de Padua and the Duke of Valero, a Spanish viceroy. The cornerstone of this chapel was laid May 8, 1744. Founded for the purpose of Christianizing and educating the Indians, it later became a fortress and was the scene of many conflicts prior to the immortal siege of 1836. Its activity as a mission began to wane after 1765 and it was abandoned in 1793 and the mission archives were removed to San Fernando, the parish church during Mexico's war for independence from Spain. A company of Spanish soldiers from Alamo del Parras Coahuila, Mexico, occupied the abandoned mission. Using its buildings as barracks for a number of years. From this association probably originated the name, “Alamo”. According to some historians, the name “Alamo” was derived from a grove of cottonwood trees growing on the banks of the acequia, “Alamo” being the Spanish word for cottonwood.


The off for the river walk in San Antonio. The walk is an oasis in the middle for the of the city, very quiet were the city noises all but disappear, bars and restaurants everywhere.


I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos:

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