Sunday, January 18, 2009

18th of January; Galveston, Tx

On the 18th we went for a day trip to Galveston Island and the old port city of Galveston.

We first went to the to the Sea Wall boulevard and sidewalk.P1184323


Then we went to the north end of the Island and had lunch watching the sea traffic out of the Galveston strait.P1180485

After lunch we went down the Sea side highway down to the south end and found a lot of damage. The houses are only about 3 feet above high tide. The water damaged many of the homes on this beach.P1184334


On the way back we stopped at the pier area and saw the cruse ships at dock. P1184350

Then we went on a tour of ‘the 1877 Iron Barque ELISSA’ at pier 22 on Galveston Island. The ELISSA is one of the only traditional “tall ships” still sailing regularly. The ELISSA is a riveted iron hall with 3 soaring masts 1/4 acre of sails and 7 miles of rigging. The sail this ship once a year for about 2 weeks, this year in April.


Then off for home.

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