Friday, November 1, 2013

Route 66 to Chicago

We made it to Mile Zero of Route 66 near Lake Michigan on Adams Street.


I am getting ahead of myself. First this mornings campground view.


Then a stop in a lovely park for a Blue ball throw.


Then down route 66. There is not much left of the 1950’s on this road and in fact 16 miles are on the interstate. But, the cities on the way still like to tell you this is the road.


One interesting sign.


We made it to Lyons and visited the ‘Chicago portage National Historic Site’ sometimes referred to as “Chicago’s Plymouth Rock”. This gap is between Lake Michigan and Des Plaines River that run into the Mississippi River.

The sign read:

Here you stand at the west end of a 7.5 mile long water and overland travel route across a continental divide between the St.Lawrence and Mississippi river systems, known as the Chicago Portage. Well known to native Americans, the route was first visited by Europeans more than 300 years ago. It became a major gateway for exploration and pioneer expansion to the west and for the fur trade in both directions.

This remaining protected portion of the Chicago Portage route is little changed form the time ………… pass through here, in 1821, the original portage route was mapped by John Walls. In 1848, the Illinois and Michigan Canal was built along this route. In 1907, the Sanitary and Shipping Canal was built and remains in use today. this land ……….



Grandma hopes you enjoy driving in downtown Chicago


Big fruit from some of the trees.


The river is back there somewhere in this high water season.


Chicago has a Union Presence and here is a sign proclaiming Chicago a TEAMSTER CITY.


Lunch time at ‘Lou Mitchells’  a fixture on Route 66 since 1923. They give out Milk Dudes as you wait to be seated and today fresh donut holes. We did not leave hungry and the price was reasonable.


Then off to the water front of Chicago and the Buckingham Fountain, Grand Park and Yacht Clubs 


Driving downtown Chicago was not bad as mostly there is only two lanes going one way sometimes wide enough for a parking lane or two.


The former Sears Tower was in clouds literally so we scrapped that idea.

Then off for home in Joliet.


Only house left on this street

Castle Car was is a Route 66 icon in serious disrepair.


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