Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carrizo Springs to the Caverns of Sonora

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Before leaving Carrizo Springs the mobile RV repair I phoned on the 28th finally was able to look at our fridge. The electric side works but the propane side does NOT. At 10:30 AM, with a new control board installed, the fridge works on propane and electricity!!!!! Yes !!!!!

We got on the road for the Caverns of Sonora at about 11:30 AM.

We went for miles through the lowland scrub with wildflowers and green grass everywhere. (recent rains). Then we started climbing to an elevation of over 2000 feet.


About 1/2 way we reach Rocksprings.

J. R. Sweeten sited Rocksprings in 1891 because of the springs nearby. Also in 1891, the town acquired a post office and was made county seat. The original courthouse built in the town burned in 1897. By 1914 Rocksprings had a population of around 500.

On April 12, 1927, the town was hit by an F5 tornado that destroyed 235 of the 247 buildings in the town. The tornado killed 72 townspeople and injured 205, almost 1/3 of the population at the time.[4]

The economy of Rocksprings is centered on the wool and mohair industry, and the town is recognized as the Angora goat capital of the world. Tourism has become a growing part of the economy with the opening of Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area located approximately six miles northeast of Rocksprings

The tornado hurt the town but then later on the mohair industry prices collapsed and the town stopped growing.

The Devil’s Sinkhole is a collapsed cavern that million of Mexican free tail bats call home in the summer months. They conduct tours when the bats emerge from the cave in the evening. We are about a month too early for the spectacular emergence.


The old courthouse


The old jail.


Then off the the Caverns of Sonora.


This is the parking lot view from the campground. At dusk the corn feeder goes off and the wildlife come to feast.


Blue enjoyed the show and stayed on my lap without protest for the 30 minute wildlife show.


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