Thursday, February 23, 2012

Motorhome Gets an Oil Change

Today we started up the motorhome to get an oil change early in the morning and there was a terrible racket. I shut the motorhome off and phoned for a mobile repair to check and see if the motorhome is safe to move.

At noon the mobile repair said the air-conditioning belt was squealing but it was OK to move.

At 1:30 we arrive at Freightliner in Pharr, Tx. (22 Miles).

We got the oil replaced and then found that the u-joint was in bad shape and needed replacing and the serpentine belt was the wrong size and threaded wrong.

Freightliner needed to overnight some parts. Freightliner would not let us live in the motorhome overnight in their yard so off to a motel room about 2 miles away.



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