Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 of Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado River

    This will be in 5 parts:

    1. The start
    2. Rafting
    3. Exploring a waterfall
    4. helicopter ride out
    5. Skywalk


    The Start

    This is the hotel we stayed at.


    Our bus that will take us down to the Colorado River. This road is the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon


    the view going down to the Grand Canyon on the dirt road.


    Our group half way down the road to the Colorado River


    At the Colorado River


    Rafting the Colorado River

    The rafts the natives use on the last 40 miles of the Grand Canyon are a 16 foot Zodiac style raft with a gas motor. We will be on the river for about 6 hours.


    We all got very wet!!! Some of the rapids are quite extreme.

    Exploring the Waterfall


    Helicopter Ride Out of the Grand Canyon


    Grand Canyon Skywalk


    The Skywalk is quite the experience.

    That evening we got a ride back to the hotel in one of the buses. Tomorrow we drive back to Casa Grande.

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