Friday, January 28, 2011

Terry goes on a hike with the Hiking Club

Palm Creek RV and Golf resort has many clubs, one of them is the hiking club. Today I went on my first hike with the club.

Today we hiked part of the Arizona Trail. The Arizona Trail is a 790 mile non-motorized trail traversing the entire State of Arizona from Utah to Mexico. The trail is open to hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

Today we hiked a trail called Picketpost South. This is a 6 mile hike with a C+ rating. We took about 4 hours to hike this trip.

We walked uphill for two hours, then had lunch and returned the two hours.

Map picture

Pictures of the Hike.

Getting ready in the parking Lot


Our group


Two Tennessee waking horses with riders.(Notice the hand gun on the saddle.)


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